On Being Brown and Out/Raged

Bio: I am a mother, partner, academic, scholar, poet. This is my space, my personal space, my professional space, my political space where I get to articulate my stance on various social justice issues affecting women of color and marginalized faculty in academia. I am brown. I am an immigrant. I am out/raged about many social injustices. I am yet another feminist killjoy. My concerns are local, global and transnational. Mostly, my concerns are humanistic concerns. What I do for a living is raising a generation of students to speak their minds, speak truth to power, find their own truths, and read literature that empowers them as human beings. My first book The Postcolonial Citizen: The Intellectual Migrant is written in multiple genres, has multiple registrars and has multiple receptions. I am working on a second book tentatively titled as The Anxious Canon: 9/11 Literatures. I am also co-editing a collection of essays titled as When We Speak: Marginality and its Discourse on Civility. When I am not thinking about writing for an academic audience, I turn my attention to writing for the public, about things that matter to women of color, feminists, social justice warriors, immigrants and migrants like xenophobia, racism, elitism and sexism. I am also a poet. Poetry has always grounded me and given me the creative outlet when I am offended, wounded, and need to reach deep within myself. I hope to blog here and share my thoughts, rants, and outrages with you. I hope you will read them. Just like the work of a mother is never done, so is the work of a killjoy feminist.

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